We provide high-quality, custom, factory-direct manufacturing to customers throughout the world. We offer professional, low-cost manufacturing sourcing to everyone from small businesses needing hundreds of products to large companies needing thousands of items.


  • We provide competitive pricing, excellent quality manufacturing and superior service
  • We specialize in assisting your company to reduce your manufacturing costs by sourcing product throughout Asia.
  • We expertly take your concept from design, to rendering and prototype, then on to production and packaging.
  • We have vast resources and experience to source and manufacture your product.


Our Mission


To provide customers with high quality manufacturing and sourcing solutions - utilizing our trusted network of factories and suppliers  which translates into value for your company.


Company Overview


Our main office and showroom are located in Hong Kong, with Quality Control (QC) and Inspection offices in China.


Our highly experienced staff teams offer product management, merchandising, design, engineering, quality assurance and inspection, freight consolidation and shipping. Our 20-year-old company prides itself on hard work, thorough attention to every detail, persuasive factory negotiation, and our passion for excellent customer service.


You define your goals and provide the merchandise direction, and we do the legwork. We offer a flexible manufacturing and sourcing solutions to suit your needs; whether you are an experienced buyer of Asian product, or new to the whole process, we can be your go-to source for anything from answer to a simplest question to a full service partnership.


Key Services


We provide factory-direct manufacturing of a wide variety of products in Asian-based factories. Using your own quality standards as a benchmark, we help you source and manufacture your product in a timely fashion, and at a competitive price. We have built an impressive network of highly qualified factories and suppliers throughout Asia over the years – you can benefit from this experience when using our wide range of services.


Product Sourcing: We will help your company find sources to produce your product in Asia. Because we have staff on the ground in Asia, we are uniquely positioned to find and evaluate sources for your product. We have sourced and managed the production of Inspirational Gifts, Religious Articles, Church Goods, Christmas Decorations, Easter Decorations, Home Décor, Candles, Glassware, Tableware, Garden Items, Indoor & Outdoor Furniture, Premiums, Stationery, Fashion Jewelry, Textiles, Novelties, Sundries and much more.


Product Design: From fabric and materials selection through colors and motifs and final packaging, our designers work for you at each phase:

  • Initial drawings
  • Colors selection
  • Prototypes
  • Production specifications
  • Final packaging


Engineering: Our engineers can help you by providing all the necessary drawings and details that a factory will need to manufacture your product.


Prototyping: As part of the product design process, we will work with a qualified, reliable factory to provide you with a working prototype of your product before going into production.


Manufacturing: There is nothing more important to you than finding the right supplier for your production. We will take the utmost care in finding a factory to meet your specific design, material and production requirements.


Quality Assurance: We take this job seriously. We know how critical it is that your product meets your quality expectations. Your success and ours depend on it. Our staff in Hong Kong and in China check every order to assure that production and packaging have met, or even exceeded, your expectations.


Shipping: Our team of shipping experts are ready to assist you with freight consolidation and any of your other shipping needs.


Benefits of working with Us


Fast Quote Turnaround: Because of our large network of factories and suppliers, we are able to turn your quote around in less time.

Design and Development: Our experienced teams will take care of all your product development needs.

Emphasis on Quality: With our QA/QC teams and reliable sources and suppliers we can always ensure that your product meets or exceeds your standards.